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The Korn Team, Keller Williams Realty
19045 E Valley View Pkwy
Independence, MO 64055
Office: (816) 224-KORN (5676)
Fax: (913) 563-6835

 Email: info@kornteam.com



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This is our gift to you, in advance, for remembering to send us your Mid-West referrals for Kansas City & Lincoln

The Korn Team is in 2 different markets. We are in Kansas City... and now in Lincoln Nebraska. Check out our websites. Compare the two sites!

Secrets of Top Selling Agents


I want to thank Debra & Mel for asking me to share the information to help you capitalize on your market with your Contact Management System. As you learned from the free webinar I shared how to get the most out of your existing lead database! While buying leads is always an option, I shared my proven techniques for working with leads you currently have! You learned what the optimal Drip System looks like and now, you can put it into action with our free resource site.

The action plans and power point will help you review the material from the call and get it implemented as quickly as possible. If you feel you need assistance and accountability to recession proofing your business, don't hesitate to contact me and find out if coaching is a viable option for you.

I hope you are having one of your best years EVER!

                                'Brad' Coach Korn
                                The Korn Team
                                Serving Greater KansasCity & Lincoln NE
                                                          (816) 224-KORN (5676)